Auto Glass Repair or Replacement which is best choice

In the earlier period, having a cracked windshield meant that you would surely require to have it replaced. But, modern day auto glass repair makes windshields more repairable depending on the size, location and the severity of the damage. When make a decision whether to repair or replace your damaged auto glass, it is helpful to understand the distinctions between repair and replacement. Though, it is best to ask your collison repair shop for a expert recommendation.

Auto Glass Replacement

Auto glass replacement involves eliminating and replacing your damaged automobile glass with new glass that has been carefully tested for safety. Generally, replacement is the securest way to make sure the structural integrity of the auto glass. When you replace the glass, you’ll usually have to wait a few hours before driving your vehicle to let the urethane used to bond the glass to cure. An auto glass replacement is generally more costly than an auto glass repair.

Auto Glass Repair

An auto glass repair is money saving option and a faster solution than auto glass replacement depending on the degree of the damage and size of the chip or crack. A quality auto glass repair will avoid a chip or crack from spreading and help out hide the original break without having to remove the original glass. Actually, several insurance companies may give up the deductible on your coverage, covering the entire cost for an auto glass repair. You will need to act hurriedly to get an auto glass repair before the break spreads, because if your chip or crack grows larger than a dollar bill, auto glass replacement will become your only alternative.

If you are still unconfident whether to do an auto glass repair or an auto glass replacement, it is best to ask for suggestion from reliable auto body shop and glass professionals. Repair technicians will first ensure if they can do a fix before suggesting a replacement.