How to remove Car Paint Scratch with Home Remedies

A scratch is unevenness on the clear coat surface, made noticeable because light reflects on the irregular part. This surface looks different from the rest of the surface. But now you can repair these scratches yourself by using home remedy. The remedy might already be in your home. Your household supplies cupboard may have been storing the best car scratch removal you have never imagined.

Before doing anything you have to find out that how deep is the scratch on your car. If you can’t feel the scratch with your running fingers then it is not a deep scratch are and can be repairable by home remedies but if the scratch went through the clear coat and into one of the inner layers then it is not your cup of tea. These types of scratches are best repaired by an auto repair shop because it requires a high-level of expertise. For scratches on the clear coat surface, you have a number of home remedies to remove these scratches and get back your spotless car surface.

1. Apply Shoe Polish

Make the scratches more noticeable by using shoe polish of a contrasting color. Like, for darker cars, use a lighter color like red or brown and for light-colored cars, use black shoe polish. What’s significant is that the shoe polish makes the scratch visible – this solution is vital for the next step.

2. Wet Sand Surface

Sand the jagged surface. Get high-grit sandpaper (2000 grit works best), wet the sandpaper in water for a few minutes, then sand calmly along the length of the scratch. You are using the shoe polish mark as a guide to sand the rough surface. With care and awareness, the scratches must fade away.

3. Use Toothpaste

Once the scratches appear to have dull, it’s time to smooth out the car paint surface. Usually, you need a rubbing compound for this task, but as a budget-wise option, you can use whitening toothpaste as an alternate. Apply the whitening toothpaste on a moist cloth and rub the scratched surface in a circular motion until the scratch vanishes. Stop rubbing once the scratch fade away; don’t rub the toothpaste on for too long because it may damage the clear coat. So be cautious!

4. Wax Your Car

In the final step clean the area to prepare the surface for waxing. And wax your car and the scratches should be invisible. That’s it.