Steps Maximize your Car's Value Before Selling

  1. Replace Windshield Wipers

    Windshield wipers are very inexpensive and it is easy to fix. It also make good look of our car and increases the value of your car.

  2. Clean the Engine

    It is necessary to remove the dirt, grime and dust from the engine. Various engine cleaners are available in the market to do that. If your engine shines then automatically the value of your car will be increased.

  3. Top off all Fluids  

    It is also necessary to check all the fluids of your car. Check all the oil levels, add windshield wiper fluid, check the anti-freeze levels of cooler climate etc. so that the buyer feels that he/she buying a new car.

  4. Repair Major Dents and Scratches

    Scratches and dent removal may be costly but it makes your car looks new and will definitely increase the value of your car.

  5. Check the Tires

    If the tires of your car are not good then you must have to replace them with good used tires which are not too expensive. If your tires are looking good then buyer can easily impressed and give you a good value for your vehicle.

  6. Wash and Wax the Car

    If your car looks dirty from outside then the buyer may not be interested to buy your car. You must have to make your car’s paint shine and brilliance by using any good quality wax after proper washing of your car.

  7. Restore Headlights

    If you feel that your car’s headlights are not so clear, not working properly or dingy then you must have to replace the headlights with the new ones. The cost of replacing headlights is less than what you would lose in the selling price of your car.

  8. Check Dashboard Lights

    Sometimes your dashboard lights are blinking because of any minor reason. So you must have to make it fix before selling. Your dashboard blinking lights may scare buyers away.

  9. Shine the wheels

    There are many affordable products available in the market which helps in shining your car’s wheels. The shining wheels are attracted buyers to your car very much.

  10. Check the Brakes

    You must have to check the brakes but not always need to replace the brakes. Just the fixation of the brake pedal is enough. 

  11. Clean the Interior

    If the interior of your car is not looking neat and clean then the clean exterior doesn’t matter. It is must to clean your car’s floor mats and seats. Clean the dashboard etc is must to increase the value of your car.

You can also visit to a good auto body shop for make your car looks and shines as new car, which will also helps you to increase your car’s value.