Process of Cleaning Paint Gun

Paint gun cleaning is not a very difficult task. Various auto body shops provide many useful points for cleaning paint gun. There are lots of gun cleaning kits are available in the market, these kits includes all the picks and brushes that you need to clean the crevices and cracks of the gun.

  1. Remove the fluid tip and air cap then dip them in a separate cup of thinner for good clean up.
  2. Use a clean cloth for cleaning the needle by cleaning solvent and wipe it.
  3. Before start using brush to scrub inside the gun, firstly you have to spray the cleaning solvent in it so that the waste material can loosen up from the neck of the gun.
  4. Wash out the neck of gun again with the cleaning solvent.
  5. Now you have to clean the air cap and air hole on the outside of the cap by using stiff edge brushes in the kit. Rinse the cap properly after scrubbing with the brush.
  6. Clean fluid tip by scrubbing it by brushes and rinse it by cleaning solvent. Then put your gun back together.

This process of cleaning your paint gun is very easy and it only takes about 10 minutes. But due to this the life of your paint gun increases. A clean paint gun will help you in impressive car painting.