What Happens if you Driving Without Insurance

If you are driving a car in United States then having auto insurance is mandatory. Every state handles it in different way. In some states insurance is government run while in other states it is government regulated. But law is same in the whole USA, if you caught without insurance while driving then you will be definitely fined. Accidents can occur with anyone even with safe and good drivers. If you don’t have auto insurance and met with an accident then you will be fined more than regular fines and also you have to pay much to auto body shops

Driving Without Insurance

The fines are very costly if you caught driving without insurance and it varies from state to state in the United States. If you caught first time then the cost of fine is from $100 to the suspension of driver’s license for one year. The most common penalties of driving without insurance in the United States are given below:-

  1. Suspension of driving license
  2. Suspension of your vehicle’s registration
  3. Receiving of traffic ticket for violation of insurance law.

The fines are increased if you caught second time driving without insurance. The reason behind that is very simple. Vehicles are heavy and fast moving that may cause lot of damage of others, yourself, your property and the property around you. Insurance helps to protect the loss of yourself and others. If you have proper auto insurance then you need not to pay the heavy costs that can occur because of accidents.

Towing Cost

Unfortunately, if you met with an accident then you need to tow your car to the repair shop or body shop. The cost of towing your car is also very expensive. So if you have auto insurance then you also save lots of your money. The expense of towing will also covers in your insurance policy.

At the end we can say that the cost of not having auto insurance is very expensive and hectic. So you must have your vehicle insured before start driving.