Important Things to Ask When Buying a Used Car

When you are going to buy a used car then there are several important questions that you must have to ask before buying the car. The questions regarding the car model, car paint, any accidents, about engine and about any problem if exists etc.

The 8 most important questions are given below:-

  1. Is this the original paint?

    Re-spray or car painting can hide the repairs and fixes etc. You may not want to buy any car which does not have its original paint. So, it is important to ask a question about paint of the car.

  2. Can I check the oil

    It is also very important to check the oil, if you feel the fuel or water is mixed in the oil then it means the car has a major problem of gasket, rings, valve or seals.

  3. Can you put this on the lift?

    You can check the problems like rust and leaking fluids by getting the car on lift. If dealer don’t allow you to get the car on lift then it means it have any problem.

  4. Why are you selling it?

    When you ask the reason for selling to the seller then you can get any point where you guess the problem in the car if any.

  5. Who was the previous owner?

    It is also an important question. If the seller tells the previous owner of the car then you can easily get the information and full service history of the car.

  6. Can I take it for a test drive?

    Test drive is very important step when you buy any used car. You can check if there is any engine problem by driving the car. You can check any noises, all the gears, transmissions etc.

  7. Can I see the maintenance history?

    Seller can tell you some lies about the car but if you ask for maintenance history then it is not easy to lie about the car. Each and everything is not shown in the maintenance history but it is enough to learn about the major problems of the car.

  8. Can I take this to my mechanic?

    Take the car to any good car mechanic or to auto body shops is very important when you want to buy any used car. Also you can get a trustworthy mechanic with you for checking the whole car for you.