Never Ignore Brake caution Light

Car brakes are the most important aspect and also very important for your safety. Some drivers ignore the brake warning lights in car dashboard which may be very dangerous. It is compulsory to check brake warning lights and take a proper course of actions for safety reasons. There are several reasons due to which brake warning lights appears in your car’s dashboard that are like leaking of fluid, need of immediate repair or replacement of brakes etc.

In modern cars there are three types of car warning lights that are: for parking brake there is red or yellow light, problem in ABS (Anti-lock braking system) there is yellow light usually, and for brakes if there is any serious problem there is red light in the dashboard. The cars which have only one brake warning light then you must have to make sure about parking brake and then go for diagnose issues. It is recommended that you have to call towing van and tow your car to the diagnose centre.

The following points makes you clear about why brake light appears and what to do in different situations.

  1. Less brake fluid or damaged brake pads

    Mostly the main reason of low brake fluid is worn brake pads. When the brake pads are wears then the brake fluid take the extra place inside for contact of pads with rotor. Which results the level of brake fluid will drop. So, you must have to replace pads in this case and refill your brake fluid.

    If the level of fluid is low then you must have to top it off by yourself or from car mechanics. Most of the mechanics of auto repair shops do it without any charges and saves your money for a bottle of fluid. No fluid means No brakes so you must have to take care of it.

  2. Leaking of brakes

    If there is any leaking in your car brakes then the brake warning light is also appear in your car’s dashboard. If the whole brake fluid is leaked out then it is impossible for brakes to stop your car. So, it is very important to check immediately why your car shows brake warning.

  3. Fault in speed sensor

    A device that reads the speed of the tires rotation is fixed inside your car’s wheel that is known as speed sensor. It is the part of anti-lock braking system and it gives the information to the ABS control module. Sometimes this speed sensor is not working properly then it cause the ABS warning light to come on. It will also get fixed by just cleaning it off or replace with a new one.

The above written points are very important that protects you and your car from accidental risks and reduces your collision repair costs. So you must have to take care of brake service time to time.