Points to Bear in Mind When Renting a Car

In a survey for annual revenue of rental car companies from USA shows that they paid $25 billion at 19,595 locations with 1.987 million cars. May be you believe that the procedure of renting a vehicle is very clear and straight forward. It’s true but not always.

There are several questions that are too important to know for a person who want to rent a car from a rental company. The questions are like: Need for additional insurance? Payment regarding refuel the car? Should I be worried about false harm claims? Should I be worried if no one is there to inspect the car with me? What if I dive the car to other country? Do they offer other things at the rental counter? These questions come to the mind of almost every person who wants to rent a car.

There are the things which you must have to keep in mind at the time of renting a car. These important things to emphasize are given below:-

  1. Never prepay for gasoline.
  2. Make brief inspection before departure like look for car painting, scuffs, mirrors, scratches, power windows and more.
  3. The best place for refuel is immediately after you pick it up.
  4. Before purchasing insurance, you must be emphasized on the insurance policy.
  5. Compare your credit card coverage before purchasing auto insurance.
  6. Check about ‘loss of use’ insurance.
  7. Ask for good offers for upgrades.
  8. Check for discounts or any reward program.
  9. Inspect the car before drop off.
  10. Ask about crossing international border in the rental agreement if needed.

You must have to keep in mind the points that are written above. The things written in the above points are very important for a person who wants to rent a car. It is also important if any auto body damage occurs because of you then you must have to make it repair by yourself before returning the car.