Tips for Driving in Snow and Ice

Most of the times your car starts to slip and may be slipping will be the reason for accident and which results you may go to an auto body shop to fix your car. It is important to know that what to do in these conditions. If the front wheels slip, you have to take off your foot from the accelerator pedal and shift your gear in neutral. And you need not to steer immediately. If you follow these instructions then the speed of your car will slow down and the grip will return back to the wheels. When you feel grip is back then use steering slowly and move where you want. At last, you have to put your car in gear and slowly accelerate for move ahead.

If the rear wheels start slipping, you have to take off your foot from the accelerator pedal and move the steering in the direction you want to move. Because your front wheels are working. You have to steer left if the rear wheels are slipping to left and vice-versa you have to steer right if the rear wheels slipping to right side. This is an awkward condition and when you do this then the rear wheels may start slipping to the opposite side which helps you to recover. You car will under control after sliding left and right few times. Pump the brakes smoothly if your car is older but if you have a new technology car then never pump the brakes because it have anti-lock braking system. Simply use the brakes slowly and smoothly.

There is another problem occurs while driving in snow and ice that is getting stuck in it. If you stuck in the snow or ice then you must have to putt of your foot from accelerator, do not roll your wheels because of this, your car will go more deep. You just have to rotate your car’s steering in both sides for couple of times which helps to push the ice out from the hole. Try to give a gentle push by touching the accelerator pedal gently which helps the car out from the hole easily. Sometimes this method does not work then you have to clear the snow away from bottom of the car and from the wheels by using shovel. After that you have to put sand, salt or kitty litter under the wheels to get traction. At the times when you trying to move your vehicle forward or backward, Keep in mind that you have to shift the gears lightly and accelerate gently. Otherwise your transmission may be damaged. And another method to get rid of from these conditions is simply towing your vehicle.