Eco-Friendly Car Wash Guidelines

Cleaning nicely your car from inside and outside regularly is always a very good idea. Cleaning on regular basis can make your car's life longer and also you can prevent your vehicle from major maintenance. Many people using a hose and start scattering water and use any car wash products etc. But you should think once that these car maintenance approaches make negative and bad effect on environment. So, it is compulsory to take some precautions at the time of car wash for better environment. There are some auto body shops that provide some eco-friendly car wash tips that you must have to follow.

  1. Don't use a hose

    When you use a hose then much amount of water is used and mostly the water is scatter waste comparatively when using a bucket. Yes, using bucket requires your more effort but it saves plenty of water. So, using a bucket at the time of car wash is much environment friendly. You can refill the bucket if necessary. If you use bucket on the place of using a hose means you save 100 gallons of water per car wash.

  2. Avoid paper towels

    Some people using paper towels in large amount. They consume rolls and rolls of paper towels at the time of car washing. Paper is directly or indirectly effects on the environment. So, instead of using paper towels you can use any old undershirt or any clean cloth towel. It is very simple step by following which our environment will stay healthy.

  3. Choose your lawn

    Mostly people wash their cars in driveway but opposed it you can wash your car in your lawn which is a better idea of car wash. This is also a simple step but it helps to maintain our environment green. If you wash your car in the lawn then the waste water can soak into your lawn as a diet of your plants and grass. Which is a better way to consume water properly in eco-friendly way.

  4. Choose your products wisely

    People mostly use car wash products available at the shop without reading the labels on the bottle or packets. Some of the car wash products contain chemicals and toxins like mineral spirits, silicon and kerosene which are very harmful. These Products also make negative effect on your car's body work. It is also a very simple step, you must have to read the labels carefully and choose the products wisely which have less toxic chemicals for eco friendly car wash.