What to Know Your Body Shop Did the Job Correctly

Apart from of the auto body shop that you've chosen to handle any car repair, it is always a necessity to verify and make sure they have done their job correctly. There are a lot of repair shops that are in a hurry to do the repair process delivering poor quality vehicle restoration services to the customer. Hence it is necessary to always take the time to examine your vehicle carefully. Tim's Auto Body Inc. in Van BurenAR is listing some helpful tips to aid you in inspecting your vehicles.

Verify the Repair Bill

The repair bill document must list all of the body work done, starting from frame and alignment spec sheets to the parts utilized in the repair process. The repair bill should also consist of the type of parts used and indicate if it's second-hand, aftermarket, rebuilt or factory. There are auto body shops that do not offer a warranty so it's better to ask what a warranty specifically covers.

Look Over the Vehicle
It is necessary to always pay close attention to the areas you are worried about. Check if the doors, hood and truck open and close easily. Look over the size of the gaps of the panels as compared to the opposite side, if they fit beside the body.

Make Sure if Paint Matches

If you have car painting work, check if the painted panels match the body perfectly. Check if there is any dust or deficiency by inspecting the paint at every angle. It must be flat and perfect. You can also place the car under the sun to observe if the color still matches the rest of the body areas. There should have no differentiation when it comes to coloring. If you still find any difference, possibly it was done wrong. You must also verify that is there any over spray or paint on areas that were not included on the main problem areas. Also monitor the windows, rims, body side moldings and chromed panels.

Clean Car is a Necessity

Appearance always matter. When you pick up your car, it must be washed, cleaned and vacuumed properly. There should be no dirt or dust in the car with no old parts in car trunk. With all the dust from sanding, body shops are one of the dirtiest places on earth hence workers from a good body shop always take precautions to keep the car clean by using paper and masking tape to protect rest areas. And then they wash the car before delivering to customer.