General Myths about Auto Body Repair

Myth:The insurance company will not warranty repairs from a particular body repair shop?

Truth: Several insurance companies will warranty the work of particular body shops. However, if a body shop is not providing warranty then don't use that shop. At Tim's Auto Body Inc. in Van BurenAR we stand behind ALL of our work, apart from the insurance company.

Myth: Using generic or OEM Parts is the same thing

Truth: Original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are designed to fit your car perfectly. But most of the auto body shops prefer to use generic or salvage replacement parts because they're significantly cheaper. It is also found that OEM parts are secure for you and your car as well.

Myth: Do it yourself paintless dent repair is easy job.

Truth: It requires a lot of training, skill, and experience. There are so many people who tried PDR techniques on their vehicle and but worsened the condition in form of crack and flakes of the paint, ripples in metal etc. Hence always choose an expert auto body shop that deals with PDR efficiently.

Myth: Scratch and Ding repair is almost the same thing.

Truth: A ding is a small dent, which can often be repaired by paintless dent repair technique. On the other hand scratch is an actual break in surface of the clear coat of paint, requiring usual body shop methods, or touch up paint.

Myth:If the insurance company's estimate is lesser than the body shop of your choice, you have to pay the difference out of your pocket.

Truth: According to state law, the insurance carrier must negotiate with your choice of body shop to arrive at a settled price for repairs. It is the job of the qualified collision repairer to be an advocate for his/her customer by working with an insurer to document and identify physical damage.

Myth:After meeting a car accident, your car will never be the same.

Truth: An accident can bring many changes to your car. It is the task of the collision repair technician to restore the safety, performance and look of your car to its pre-accident condition by using the latest technology and original parts in repair. Your car can be structurally restored to its factory dimensions.

Myth: All auto body work done when they say they will be

Truth: Not always. Hence it is must to make a phone call to the Body Shop ensuring that the car is actually repaired before you visit there. Most of the times the due date is imaginary and only a guideline. We have found that many times customer come to pick up their car and the vehicle is still not ready.