Signs: Your Car Needs a Paint Service

The paint of your car is one of the most important aspects that need great care. The value and age of your car can easily be determined by looking at the car paint and its appearance. If the paint is good enough then it is easy to live with the same car for years and also resell it on good price.So according to Tim's Auto Body Inc, look out the following factors to decide whether your car needs a repaint or how you can save your car's paint:

1. Fading

The most common reason for your car needs new paint is fading of your car paint. When the paint of your car loses its richness and looks dull then it is known to be fading. A person who uses the car cannot tell about the fading of car's paint because of the slow transition. The easiest way of judging if your car has faded is to compare its latest picture with an old one. If your car paint lacks the shine that reflected objects then certainly it is the time to repaint your car. The common reason of paint fading is lack of protection. The vicious aspects of nature, sun and snow deteriorate the paint of car over time. If you really want to save your thousands of dollars then you must have to protect your car from these elements. Getting your car professionally waxed at least four times a year is a good prevention technique. It is advisable to get black cars waxed at least 6 times a year because they are more sensitive to fading.

2. Peeling

Peeling is a strong indication that your car needs a new paint. Peeling typically comes after fading of the of car paint. If the clear coat is peeling from the basecoat of your paint then it means your car needs repaint. Bubbles in your car paint, highly discolored areas, or paint chips exposed for long periods of time are the signs of peeling. By proper protection and maintenance you can avoid peeling very easily. Again the solution is coating wax, if you regularly get your car waxed from a professional auto body shop then the chances of peeling will be reduced for sure.

3. Rigorous Scratches

Rigorous and abundant scratches on the paint of your car are another indication that your car needs new paint. Experts fromTim's Auto Body Inc. at Van Buren, AR buff out small scratches by using high speed polisher, although buffing cannot remove scratches that are deep into the paint but can remove the ones that disappear briefly by wiping wet fingers over the scratch. But if it does not disappear and the surface under the paint is seen then it may be untreatable and require a new paint.

The above mentioned methods help to inspect and maintain your car's paint condition and eventually decide if new paint is required.